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Infused Soy Candle
Infused Soy Candle


We are a hand-poured soy candle business that infuses fragrances of serenity and peace into our candles. We believe that the little things count and each candle we create is made with love and care. We are committed to providing you with a product that not only smells amazing but also makes you feel good about your purchase. 

Infused Soy Candle is made using natural coconut soy was which enhances the infusion of fragrance. The soybeans are grown in the United States. Our coconut soy candle is a treasured delight, leaving you wanting more. It's amazing how soy has many advantages including

renewable, bio-degradable, eco-friendly, carbon neutral, and soot-free. Our candles are hand-poured by using precise temperature to enhance the release of fragrance. Blended coconut soy candles provide a clean and slow burn for excellent performance.

Our candles include an inspirational message to inspire, motivate and enhance your wellness; an added extension from us to you. Candles are therapeutic, soothing and create warmth in any setting. Whether you are adding ambience in a room, an atmosphere of tranquility or just relaxing in the comfort of your own space; Infused Soy Candle will be an added gem. Our candles will help set the mood with calm, peace, and balance within your surroundings 


Cecile Jordan-Gilliam

"Years ago, I was in the store purchasing my favorite brand candles. Burning candles is very therapeutic and soothing to me. While in the store shopping for candles, a young lady came up to me and started a conversation asking how long I have been purchasing candles etc. along with expressing her love for candles. During our conversation, she then asked, “why don’t you make your own candles and sell them?” Right...sure, I laughed and said that was ridiculous. We continued to talk a bit more.

After our conversation, I started thinking about what she had asked me. Within the next few months, I started to look for candle making classes. Shortly thereafter, I found the right beginner’s class! I was skeptical and nervous at the same time because of the unexpected. I completed the class and then completed the class a second time for clarity. The rest is history.

My passion for candles gave me the drive to start my own candle business a few years ago. Creating candles becomes a nurturer for my mind and soul but also a passionate outlet from stressful busy lives we all encounter.

Coming home from a hard day at work and lighting a candle allows me to unwind. After testing and evaluating many different candle - wax formulas; I was able to select the best blended coconut soy wax and ingredients to provide a clean burn candle filled with infused fragrances."

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We inspire to change communities around the world one person at a time with our soothing therapeutic candles and inspiring words of encouragement with each candle hand-crafted. We inspire, motivate, and encourage others. We hope the affirmation cards make a difference while impacting lives in a positive way with each candle sold.

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Our Approach

Natural Ingredients

We believe in using only the best natural ingredients in our candles. We source our fragrances from sustainable and ethical suppliers to ensure that we leave a positive impact on the environment.


Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just using natural ingredients. We use recyclable packaging and avoid any unnecessary waste in our production process.


All of our candles are hand-poured and made with care. We believe that the human touch makes all the difference and strive to provide you with a product that is not only high-quality but also made with love.

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